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City Directories and Social History

Education and Work Records

Our access to billions of sources, both online and in person, free and subscription based, combined with many years of experience proving, disproving and uncovering evidence pertinent to each subject, allows us to provide you with the most comprehensive research results available, most efficiently. 

We have access to billions of sources, the trick is knowing what to look for and where.



Cemetery and Funeral Home Records

Church and Religious Records


Wills and Probate Records

Land and Tax Records

Ellis Island 1908

Our fact-finding research is based on uncovering evidence from reliable sources that demonstrate relationships. As more and more public records and sources become available, the trick is knowing where and what to look for, and we apply years of experience to uncover information pertinent to each case. 


Naturalization Records

Immigration and Emigration Records


Each twist and turn is analyzed and decisions are made throughout the investigation regarding the direction of the research based on information uncovered. We conduct thorough review with multiple checks and balances and follow strict protocols to ensure results you can rely on.

We begin each case with the development of a research strategy determined by the requirements and objectives of the genealogy request. This includes implementation of a research plan defining what will be searched and a research log to track the progress and findings of the investigation.

"There is no king who has not had a slave among his ancestors, 

and no slave who has not had a king among his."

                                                                                            ​​- Helen Keller


Federal Census Records

​Pension Records




Newspaper Archives​​


State Census Records

Court and Prison Records



Where to look....




Military Service Records

​Pension Records

Our program is designed to tackle and complete large scale, complex genealogy projects. Detailed planning, scope management, proven control systems, and oversight by effective and accessible company management ensure consistent delivery of quality services, on time and within budget.



Federal Census Records

Vital Records (Birth, Marriage and Death)

You are provided professional reports in the format desired, outlining our findings, a family tree demonstrating relationships, including detailed notes, sources and/or customized specific information requested by you, based on your unique requirements and scope of work.