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​​​​​Lithic provides genealogical investigative research services to government agencies. In addition to identifying ancestors, we specialize in identifying and locating living descendants, primary next of kin, and mitochondrial (mtDNA), autosomal and Y-DNA eligible candidates. We are laser focused on helping government complete their genealogy initiatives on time and within budget; therefore, we do not accept genealogy requests from law firms, corporations or individuals.

Our government program and methodologies were designed to specifically serve the vast needs of government and our scalable resources enable us to meet the demands of large scale genealogical projects. Our success derives from a deep understanding of the unique genealogy challenges faced by government, to whom Lithic is committed to delivering exceptional service and value.

We have access to billions of sources - the trick is knowing what to look for and where. Learn about our research process.

ge - ne - al - o - gy

from Greek genea, "generation"; and logos, "knowledge"

1. a line of descent traced continuously from an ancestor.​​​​​​​​​





We are privileged to provide services to meet the unique genealogical needs of government. Our mission is to serve your mission.

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