We solve complex genealogy problems.

We provide genealogy research services in support of the U.S. Department of Defense mission to provide for the fullest possible accounting of U.S. military service members missing in action from our nation's past wars and conflicts.


We are a mission driven group of genealogists, investigators and researchers dedicated to solving large scale, complex genealogy problems for the U.S. military. We have been contracted by the U.S. Department of Defense to identify and locate families of U.S. service members still missing from WWII and other past conflicts.


Our team of military researchers conduct genealogy research to identify living relatives of unaccounted for U.S. service members. Our information is obtained through genealogical sources, public records, and information from the service member's personnel file provided by the military.


The U.S. Department of Defense personnel accounting community is a dedicated group of military and civilian personnel passionately committed to fulfilling the U.S. mission to provide for the fullest possible accounting of  U.S. service members to their families and the nation.

MIA Statistics

WWII                    72,000+

KOREAN WAR      7,800+

VIETNAM WAR     1,500+

               COLD WAR              126


If you have been contacted by Lithic Genealogy Group, our research indicates you are related to a missing or previously unaccounted for U.S. service member. We will explain your connection to the service member and how you are related. Please contact us today or visit our Family Member Help Page for more information.

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