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What drives our people

"It is a privilege, through our work, to serve those who have served us."


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If you have been contacted by Lithic Genealogy, our research indicates you are related to a U.S. service member missing in action. We understand that you may not be familiar with the service member and we will explain how you are related. Please visit our Family Member Help Page for more information. 

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Conducting professional genealogical research is part science, requiring deep analytical skills, critical thinking, skepticism, and part art; requiring imagination, creative problem solving skills, and the ability to think outside of the box. All of which happens to describe our people precisely.


Our genealogists are the foundation of Lithic and are valued for their genealogy research expertise and dedication to this important mission. They are driven to find answers and pursue each case with tenacity and dogged determination. They break through or climb over brick walls, uncover and discover, prove and disprove, find evidence and provide answers to some of the most complex genealogy problems.


Our team is privileged to do our small part providing genealogy research services in support of this important mission. We all share a passion for meaningful work and are deeply committed to veterans and their families. 

If you have been contacted by one of our genealogists, please contact them directly as our genealogists are working remotely. If you would like to first verify that they work for Lithic Genealogy in support of this mission, please call our corporate office Family Member Help Line at 888-385-2021.


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Mary Podgorny  |  Founder

Mary has managed thousands of U.S. service member genealogy cases and brings over 25 years research and management experience assembling and leading teams and hundreds of employees. When Mary became aware of this mission and the staggering number of U.S. service members still unaccounted for, she recognized there was a vast amount of genealogical research that needed to be completed. She wanted to help and knew others that wanted to help and Lithic Genealogy was born. Mary is a member of the National Genealogical Society, the International Society of Genetic Genealogy, the Roswell Historical Society, and the Milton Historical Society.


Ashley Oscarson  |  Director of Research

Ashley has a background in history, genealogy and investigative research. She graduated with a B.A. in History from Agnes Scott College and has since worked in various research related fields. Ashley fell in love with genealogy while working in the history department of a large public library system. After learning of the opportunity to utilize her research skills to serve this important mission, she jumped at the chance to contribute. Over the past 10 years she has worked on hundreds of cases and has earned a reputation for leaving no stone unturned in the search for relatives of unaccounted for service members. Ashley is a member of the National Genealogical Society and the International Society of Genetic Genealogy.

U N T I L   T H E Y   A R E   H O M E

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