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  • Why has Lithic Genealogy contacted me?
    If you have received a letter or telephone call from Lithic Genealogy it is because our research indicates you are related to a missing or previously unaccounted for U.S. service member and the military would like to re-establish contact with relatives of the service member.
  • I've never heard of the service member. I don't think I'm related to the service member.
    We will explain your connection to the service member and how you are related. Some relatives may be distantly related, especially concerning WWII service members, and we will explain the common ancestors you share and your exact relationship to the service member.
  • How can I help?
    Please complete the Family Member Form or call the genealogist assigned to the service member's case. Once we confirm we have your current contact information, the appropriate U.S. military branch will contact you.
  • Why does the military want to talk to me? I don't have any information about the service member.
    The military does not want information from you, they want to provide information to you. They will share the current status of the service member you are related to and answer any questions you may have.
  • How do I know this is legitimate?
    Our genealogists never ask for personal information other than confirming that we have your current address and the best telephone number to reach you at. You should never provide social security numbers or bank account information over the phone or through email and if any caller ever asks you for your social security number or financial information, promptly hang up. If you would like to verify that the genealogist that contacted you works for Lithic Genealogy, please call Lithic Genealogy's Family Member Help Line at 888-385-2021.
  • What does "unaccounted for" mean? My relative is already "accounted for"."
    Unaccounted for service members are those who went missing during a designated conflict (WWII, Korea, Vietnam) and who have not yet been fully accounted for. If you think your relative has already been accounted for, the military will explain why they still need to speak with you. For example, if your relative was memorialized or buried in an American cemetery overseas (in Belgium, France, Italy, Philippines, etc.) or was returned to and buried in the United States, the military will explain why they want to re-establish contact with your family.
  • Where can I learn more about the mission?
    Click Watch Mission Video which provides a broad overview of the U.S. personnel accounting mission.
  • More questions?
    Please contact the genealogist assigned to the service member's case or call our Family Member Help Line at 888-385-2021. Let us know how we can help!
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