large scale genealogy project? we have you covered.


​​Lithic is proud to have the highest past performance rating achievable in the federal government. Exceeding client expectations is intrinsic to our core mission, which is to serve your mission.

With the advent of the internet and now big data, genealogy is a rapidly changing environment and we are continuously exploring and developing new and innovative ways to deliver genealogical solutions to meet the unique genealogy challenges faced by government. We are an agile enterprise and our services are tailored and customized to meet your specific requirements. Our flexibility and scalable workforce ensures we have the right people, at the right time, doing the right things to help you complete your missions - on time and within budget.

​workforce scalability

Our scalable workforce and dynamic capabilities ensure our human resources are aligned with government needs, enabling us to deliver the volume of services you need - when and where you need it.​ ​​

Lithic's team of professional genealogists, investigators and researchers, combined with our processes, technology and access to the right resources, provide the technical capabilities and capacity required to meet the demands of large scale, complex genealogy projects. Whatever the size of your project, we have you covered - from one case to thousands.

Our workforce planning and program management strategies are important components of our successful performance:

  • anticipating and responding to market demands
  • organizing work
  • deployment of staff
  • assigning tasks
  • utilizing the latest technologies
  • identifying AND UTILIZING newly available sources
  • managing processes and workflow
  • anticipating and managing risk

No limits. No boundaries. Scalability.